Goth Court

The Pitch

Goth Court is a live-action party game (based on Ghost Court) about eldritch justice in a small claims court that settles petty disputes between goths and norms. It is perfectly suited for a large group, but you can play with as few as six players.

Welcome to this most venerated court of law. We commend the keen sense of justice and duty that has called you to these hallowed chambers. The litigants you will see today are goths and their adversaries facing mortal conflict. They have already filed suit or been served a summons to appear in municipal court. Both parties in the suit have agreed to dismiss their court cases and instead settle their disputes here, in this most venerated and dramatic forum: Goth Court.

Cases last a few minutes and are ridiculous. A typical game takes an hour, but you can keep playing as long as everyone is having a good time.

What’s Included?

Goth Court will be available as a a print-at-home PDF, or a deck of high-quality full-sized tarot cards with printable rules, all filled with full color illustrations by Eisner Award-nominated illustrator Richard Sala.


Goth Court Rules

Goth Court Rules

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    Liz and Jess knew you’d want to make your game of Goth Court authentic, so they provided a soundtrack! Use this playlist as your inspiration as you sink into character.