Fiasco on Roll20

Fiasco is available on Roll20!
Read on for details about where to buy it and how to play the game on the Roll20 platform!

Watch us Play with Actual Play

Watch the 2-part play through here

Roll20 Support Links

Roll20 has finished patching the Unknown Monsters, Feel the Rush, and Teen Angst expansion packs- if you created your campaign prior to December 2020 and are experiencing issues, please create a fresh campaign with the Fiasco module and any add ons and you should be good to go!

If you haven’t used Roll20 before, we’ve collected some resources to help! Please start here, and then come back if your issue is Fiasco specific.

How to play Fiasco on Roll20

The following is our step-by-step documentation to setting up and playing Fiasco on Roll20. Skip to the end for the FAQ, and let us know if you still have questions.

  1. Log into your Roll20 account
  2. (Optional) Redeem your code from the Kickstarter
  3. Create a New Game and Add the Fiasco Module
  4. Enable the Compendium
  5. Move Virtual Tables
  6. Card Decks
  7. Handouts
  8. Rulebook

Log into or Create a Roll20 account

Login or create your account at

Roll20 Login screen

(Optional) Redeem your code from Kickstarter

If you were given the game as a gift, you may have a code that let’s you redeem your copy. Hover over Marketplace > Redeem a Code.

Roll20 redeem code screen

Create a new game and Add the Fiasco Module

Hover over Games > Create New Game.

On the right side- click on the Fiasco box.

Roll20 start a new game screen

When selected it’ll have a white check mark over it.

Name your Fiasco and click the ‘I’m ready, Create Game!‘ button.

Enable the Compendium

  • Click on Settings > Game Settings.
  • Pick Fiasco from the drop down list.
  • Scroll all the way down and click Save Changes.
  • You only need to do this step once for each separate campaign.

Roll20 Settings for Fiasco screen

Launch Game

You can invite players from this page, by email address or link on the right.

Click on the pink Launch Game button to enter the game.

Roll20 screen - Launch Fiasco from module

Move Virtual Tables

Roll20 uses a “virtual tabletop” as the background while you play. The Fiasco assets include several to choose from.

  • You start on the 3 player example tabletop, but can choose a different one or upload your own.
  • Zoom and scroll to find the right fit for your screen.
  • Use the blue Page Toolbar button to switch between tabletops.
  • Use the Players marker to move players between tabletops.
  • People who you’ve promoted to have GM permissions won’t be moved to the tabletop you place the Players ribbon on, so they’ll need to navigate to that tabletop via the blue page toolbar button.

Roll20 Fiasco tabletop screen with pointer to blue page toolbar button

Card Decks

Here are a few things to note about the card decks as they appear in Roll20.

  • The boxed edition Engine deck is split into three decks in Roll20 – Positive outcomes, Negative Outcomes, and the Aftermath deck.
  • One playset deck and the Positive and Negative Outcome decks are displayed by default.
  • Use the Collection tab on the right to manage decks.
  • Make sure the playset you want to play is shown.
  • Keep the Aftermath deck hidden during play.
  • Remove Outcome cards according to your number of players (see the rules for the appropriate number for 3, 4, and 5 players).
  • Experiment with the card decks before your game to see how to deal, play, discard, and shuffle cards.

Roll20 Fiasco tabletop with pointer to decks tab


In the Handouts tab you’ll find rules references, Roll20 support, some differences between playing Fiasco in person vs on Roll20, as well as the Scores, Kickers, and Name lists for each playset.

Roll20 Fiasco tabletop with pointer to handouts tab


In Roll20 terms, the game rulebook is called the Compendium.

To access the rules inside of your Roll20 game, click on the Compendium tab (if you can’t see the Compendium tab inside the game, you need to enable it in the game settings page).

Roll20 Fiasco tabletop with pointer to compendium tab


I don’t see the same screen as others!

If you have GM permissions, you may be on a different table than those with Player permissions. Use the blue Page Toolbar button to view a different tabletop.

Why is there a GM in this GMless game?

Roll20 assigns permissions based on GM and Player roles, so the player with GM permissions will need to show/hide card decks and change the tabletop you are using. The game itself is still GMless.

Other Questions and Feedback

Do you still have questions? Let us know!This is our first game on Roll20, so please let us know if you find bugs or things that need fixing!
You can send your questions and feedback to us using our Contact Us form.

May your glorious plans end in spectacular failures!