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Night Witches: Nachthexen Cards

Night Witches: Nachthexen Cards

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This high quality deck of cards is an excellent supplement for a game of Night Witches.

Each deck includes a set of quick advancement cards with fictional prompts that make running a one-shot even easier. In addition there are portrait cards and medal cards, both of which can be used as visual props in play.

This is a full-color deck of 109 standard-sized cards printed on premium card stock, double-sided, with rounded-corners and a low-gloss UV Coating, making it an attractive addition to your tabletop game. Here's what's included:

37 Portrait Cards

Each of these cards includes a custom black and white illustration of an airwoman created by Claudia Cangini. Use them to represent your character or one of the non-player characters in the Regiment!

27 Medals Cards

Each of these cards displays an actual Soviet medal, complete with citation script on the back. Hand them out to players as they earn the awards, reading the citation aloud!

30 Advancement Cards

These cards are designed to make running a one-shot game easier to set up by quickly advancing play past the starting duty stations. Hand out the cards randomly and see which characters earn medals, promotions, new abilities. 

12 Airplane Cards

These illustrations of planes and targets are useful for demonstrating formations and maneuvers as well as leting you easily assign
navigators and pilots.

1 Articles Card 

A handy reference for the text of Articles 58 and 133, so that you'll know when you're about to earn the attention of the Regimental Politruk!

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