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Star Crossed: Love Letters

Star Crossed: Love Letters

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Love Letters: New ways to embrace the two-player game of forbidden love

Love Letters is a supplement for Star Crossed, the award-winning two-player game of forbidden love. It's full of beautiful illustrations, character pairings, settings, advice, and alternate modes of play to help your Star Crossed sessions feel fresh and exciting!

In this cute little 6x9 booklet, you’ll find:

  • Instructions to play with 3 players, solo, or online
  • New sets of Scene Cards and Epilogue tables
  • Bayshore Landing, a new setting featuring 30 new characters, for multi-table games of Star Crossed in which up to 15 pairs of players can play simultaneously
  • Advice for playing Star Crossed with friends
  • Advice for incorporating Star Crossed as a prologue, interlude, or epilogue to your longer-term campaign games
  • Pre-generated character pairings, each in their own unique setting, from Alex and our fabulous guest contributors: Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone, Kieron Gillen, Banana Chan, Cecilia Tan, James Mendez Hodes, and Sharang Biswas!
  • All-new illustrations by Jess Fink, HamletMachine, G.C. Houle, Bloomer, Milsae Kim, Ouhie, Mye Bi, and Sovanny Vorn!


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