Three Volumes of Playsets!

If the rules of Fiasco are the gun, a good playset is the bullet that makes it a stupid and dangerous object. In each of these three volumes you’ll find a baker’s dozen of dumb situations and criminal folly, all tied together with an exclusive playset written by Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar.

Each volume of this anthology is a 6”x9” full-color, perfect-bound book with 144 pages, including forewords by noted comic authors Kurtis Wiebe, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Matt Fraction! Each book also includes new illustrations by Jason Morningstar and three beautiful new cover designs by John Harper, designed to compliment the original books.

Note: This Playset Anthology is not a complete game! You need Fiasco to enjoy these playsets.

Fiasco ’10: Playset Anthology Vol 1

Fiasco '10_Front CoverProduct Code: BPG020
ISBN: 978-0-9883909-6-6

The playset is the still-beating-but-stolen-by-organleggers heart of Fiasco, and inside this first Anthology volume you’ll find thirteen sterling examples of the form—twelve that held a place of honor as a Playset of the Month, and an extra one written by Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar specifically to accompany them here.

Bonus Playset: Nut People
Nut People is set in Quigley, Georgia, where a drought has made pecan prices spike to a nickel apiece, and every grifter and desperate loser from here to Atlanta wants a big sack of nuts.

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Fiasco ’11: Playset Anthology Vol 2

Fiasco 11 Front CoverProduct Code: BPG021
ISBN: 978-0-9883909-7-3

You hold in your hands the second volume of the Fiasco Playset Anthology! Inside, you’ll find a lucky thirteen playsets—twelve that were good enough to be a Fiasco Playset of the Month, and a thirteenth custom-written by Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar just for this volume.

Bonus Playset: Pen Show
Pen Show is exactly what is says on the tin— a deep, misguided, and weirdly violent dive into the low-stakes world of fine fountain pens. It’s a Fiasco like no other, whether you are rocking a Mont Blanc Meisterstück or a rusty shovel.

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Fiasco ’12: Fiasco Playset Anthology Vol 3

Fiasco 12 Front CoverProduct Code: BPG022
ISBN: 978-0-9883909-8-0

This Anthology volume contains thirteen deliciously off-kilter playsets, taking your Fiasco game from Medieval Florence to modern Seattle with many ludicrous and probably deadly stops in between. These playsets were written by masters of the form, and Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar has thrown in a thirteenth just because.

Bonus Playset: Jet City
Welcome to Jet City sets the action in the emerald northwest— Seattle, Washington, where the gang wars are small and relatively polite, and some of the gangs consist of organic gardeners.

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“It’s a chance to dance with Poe’s Imp of the Perverse, to give in, to make the dangerous choice—it’s the same release I get from the act of writing. But writing is a solitary discipline for the most part and Fiasco… Fiasco is so gloriously communal.” — Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, and Bitch Planet

“Traditionally, player succeed in RPG’s by surviving the session and gaining material goods. Fiasco throws that out the window because it offers more. Success is defined by players following their character’s wants, needs, and flaws in service to the story, regardless of the outcome, good or bad. That is why Fiasco is my favourite narrative driven game of all time.” — Kurtis J. Wiebe, writer of Rat Queens

“The joy of Fiasco comes when the line between game and story blurs and suddenly you’re sitting around a table with the brilliant and wonderful souls you allow into your home and you all try to make the perfect Big Black Box. Impose logic, reason, design, over the chaotic horror of existence because in story-space, in a game-space, because here we CAN. We aren’t just allowed but it’s ENCOURAGED.” — Matt Fraction, writer of Hawkeye and Sex Criminals